About Molly

“You might not end up where you had planned. But you’ll arrive at exactly where you are meant to be.”

Molly McKeever

Molly is a Dublin based yoga instructor who, after nearly a decade of practising yoga, opened her own studio in the heart of Dublin City. Stemming from her belief in the power of human connection, Sweaty Soul is the core of a strong yoga community and family. Here Molly bounces her love of all things yoga from floor to ceiling, providing all who attend her classes with a sense of calm and mindfulness.


As well as running Sweaty Soul, Molly hosts numerous Yoga and Food retreats both in Greece and around Ireland. Travel is hugely important to her and here you can follow her adventures, places to visit, places to eat and tips on how to stay fit and mindful while on the go.


Here at MollyMcKeever.com you have a sneak peek into her loves outside of yoga: fashion, food, travel and an extension of her yoga journey through online classes, youtube, and motivational speaking.

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Sweaty Soul Crete Yoga Retreat


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Immerse Yourself in Yang

April 3-8 2020

Olhao, Portugal