Overwhelmed : 5 ways to calm the chaos of work

UPDATE: When shit gets busy

So I want to recap on the past two weeks. It’s ironic that since my YouTube “setting up a business” video things have gotten super busy at Sweaty Soul. With more business comes extra work and often you can feel like you’re falling short. I am so happy I took on more than I could chew beacuse that’s where you can push your boundaries, but while it’s been exciting it’s also been exhausting. Here are five tips that have helped me massively in dealing with feeling completely overwhelmed at work :

1. Stop comparing. You do you. Stick to your path. Not only are you struggling to cope with all the work-load you are under, trying to find new mechanisms to manage it all, but then getting distracted with what others are doing is literally doubling your work-load! Stay focused on what YOU need to get done.

2. Your self talk. Is your story true or false? Guess what?! It doesn’t matter. Whether the situation you are describing to yourself is good or bad, it will be whatever you tell yourself it is. “I am overwhelmed.” You will be overwhelmed. “I am struggling.” You will struggle. “I can’t find my keys.” You won’t find your keys. Unfortunately, our bodies and minds do not have built in lie-detectors so whatever you perceive the situation to be – that will be your reality.

3. Get on that #inspirationalquote wagon. I don’t know about you but a good quote or an inspirational podcast does bloody wonders for my work ethic and motivation levels. It’s free and at the click of a button. It doesn’t have to be a business focused one either. To be honest sometimes that makes me feel even more overwhelmed, listening to endless successes cultivated by others’ work ethic while I’m drowning in a sea of procrastination. I like listening to Desert Island Discs (especially Tom Hanks episode) or Jim Carrey’s infamous motivational speech. When you listen to people’s stories of success a running theme is that they all hit rock bottom at least once in their career. They all struggled. Very few started with money or had overnight success. Take it day by day and in the meantime, write down an inspirational quote and plaster that shit everywhere!

4. Grateful. Ok ok I know here I go! Here’s the yogi coming out in me 🙂 But seriously, if you can give yourself a minute to focus on everything that is good in your life. If you can find even one thing that is working in your favour or remember a badass achievement you have made in your life then you can implement the strength and all the positive things you have into where you are going.

5. Start with the things you enjoy! So when I am overwhelmed and it seems like a slog, I try to make a list of the things I need to get done and pick the ones that I know I enjoy doing. When you can transform work into play, you feel more alive, create better content, and all of a sudden you’re halfway through your to-do-list in the meantime finishing with a smile on your face

I hope these 5 actions can be your checklist that will pull you out of that ‘getting nothing done’ slump and be the reminder that you are capable of achieving so much, and on a day when you feel like doing nothing, could create a mindset where you end up have a massively productive day! I am sharing a YouTube video on my channel outlining these same points but going into a little more depth (with a sneaky announcement thrown in for good measure!).


Photos by Amber Baruch found here.

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