My Everyday Go-To Lotions

Molly McKeever Yoga - Lotion1

When it comes to beauty products I have usually only invested if I have money left over from my online clothes shopping. Which let’s face it, is never! Next month I turn 30 and I have become very aware that my skin is no longer giving the impression of looking far younger than I am. Something I have until now, taken for granted. In lue of this I have been resorting to a select few products to aid me in finding that youthful glow I am not quite ready to give up on!

Here are my everyday go-to glow-sources


  1. Bio-Oil: which I use as my daily moisturiser. Smells like heaven and combined with Aveeno repairs and rehydrates that dreaded winter dry skin
  2. Aveeno Daily Moisturiser : (which I combine with bio oil) everyday full body moisturiser
  3. Avéne Cleansing Mouse: the softest, most gentle face wash. Feels like clouds on your skin!
  4. Kiel’s Ultra Facial Cream: the perfect morning routine moisturiser. Not oily and perfect for mixed skin type
  5. Avéne Anti-Oxidant Defendant Serum: I use this at night as a base to my Egyptian Magic
  6. Egyptian Magic : MY NUMBER ONE! Forget about night creams. This is exactly what it’s name eludes : MAGIC. Simple, scent-free, six-ingredient blend of olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, and bee propolis — finished off with the formula’s signature component of divine love! Also, Ozzy Salvatierra used it to give Rihanna her glossy lids and dewy cheekbones in the video for “Bitch Better Have My Money.” Basically, this one does it all!
Molly McKeever Yoga - Lotion2

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