Immerse Yourself in Yang

Immerse Yourself in Yang

3-8 April 2020

After successfully running retreats internationally and at home in Ireland for over three years now, I have been lucky enough to be inspired by the hundreds of beautiful yogis who have joined me. In recognising the diverse and unique talents of each attendee, I have for a while now, considered the idea of catering each retreat to suit the individual’s needs. This has brought me here – creating a niche retreat for those who are looking to really challenge themselves and unveil their true strength. I know from experience it can be all too easy to slip into routine, to find habits and remain in a level of comfort. But comfort can be a dangerous place to linger and often we lose site of our full potential and human nature to grow. As my teacher always reminds me – “if we are not growing we are dying.” So if you are in a place in your practice where you need a mega energy boost and surge of inspiration than this Yoga Immersive Retreat is for you!!!!

Welcome to “Immerse Yourself in Yang” – This retreat is for you if you are wanting to dive into the inner work, boost your confidence and feel refreshed and inspired in your life and practice! I will, for 5 days be both your teacher, friend and server. My roll will be not only to make you feel at ease and hold a space where you feel safe to explore yourself, but also will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone daily. Challenging asana practice (and when I say challenging I mean ‘Dylan Werner’ challenging!), handstand drills, building a meditation practice, and reconnecting with a sense of community. This retreat will be catered to an intermediate-advanced level who are looking to push their practice past where they feel they personally can take themselves. LET’S INSPIRE EACH OTHER TO FIND OUR TRUE STRENGTH!

We will have asana practice twice daily, a diverse selection of meditations, big beautiful nutritious brunches, workshops, a trip to the local islands, and delicious dinners under the stars. Each retreat I host is different because of the wonderfully unique people who come together and I am as always anticipating the magic we will create together. In saying that, this retreat is going to be extra special as it is not only a first for you, but a first for me, leaving my usual home away from from home (Crete where I usually run retreats) and beginning a new retreat adventure here in Olhao. You will be guided and supported by me and my very special team of healers and helpers. We will have two healers on site with us who will be able to offer a variety of alternative therapies as well as our private chef who will be cooking up the most nourishing and colourful plant based meals.

Early morning yoga on the rooftop terrace to the sound of church bells, racing pigeons and the town waking up is a perfect way to start the day with a little of what we call Everyday Magic. Meditation in the sanctuary on the first floor is an exceptional experience. It doesn’t get better than this yoga getaway!

Sharing €1595 (early bird) // Single €1795 (early bird)

Non refundable deposit €500
  • 1 morning yoga practice per day – 2 hours yang
  • 1 morning meditation per day – 30 mins
  • 1 evening yoga practice per day – 30 mins handstand drills / Yin
  • 2 workshops
  • Abundant, colourful, plant based daily brunch, snack and dinner
  • 5 nights in luxury accommodation with roof top pool and treatment rooms
  • Satya circle
  • A supportive and safe space for learning and sharing

All you need to do is book your flights!

Requirements to join the retreat – You have been practising regularly for a considerable amount of time. You want to deepen your practise and be a part of a supportive yoga community.

*Transfers to and from airport are included if willing to wait for communal pick up time.

What is not included :

  • Extra activities
  • Travel insurance
  • Flights to Faro
Town skyline - Casa Fuzetta (112)


The best way to get to know Olhao is to walk out the front door and wander down to the waterfront. Getting lost in the twisted network of cobbled streets along the way is part of the fun. There is usually a surprise or two to enjoy along the way. When you get to the sea front, there are the fabulous markets at the water’s edge (fish to the right, fresh fruit/veg & meats to the left) and a host of restaurants, cafes and bars to relax in along the way. The islands are a must and are easy to get to : I will be hosting a boated trip to one of the islands for those who are interested in joining.



My Teaching Style

Well, here I am! I have been practising yoga for nearly 10 years and over five years ago I took the leap leaving home for the east coast of Mexico, to complete my 200-hour YTT. Since then I have been exploring the kind of teacher I am passionate about being and what exactly I intend to share with those I am lucky enough to connect with. I am certified as a Vinyasa, Yin and Myofascial Meridian yoga instructor and recently undertook the most intense month long training, under the awe inspiring Dylan Werner. In completing my 300 hour training, Dylan demonstrated the kind of service I dream of sharing with each of you, where he transformed both my practice, teaching and self belief. I now am on a journey toward becoming the teacher I feel I was destined to become and just cannot wait to share my knowledge with you all. My classes are a sweet synergy of dynamic movement and true exploration of strength, where I guide my students to uncover a deeply rooted connection to themselves and life itself.

Yoga deck - Casa Fuzetta (3)

Casa Fuzetta

Casa Fuzetta is a historic townhouse located in the heart of Olhao’s old town. Originally, a classical gentleman’s residence, it was lovingly restored over a three year period, between 2014 and 2016. We called upon the skills of the local craftsmen and artisans to create a property that balances the heritage of its architecture  with contemporary design and comfort- including a spectacular rooftop pool!  Throughout, we used a palette of natural colours and materials – white, stone, wood and linens, aiming to create a space in which everyone can feel at ease the moment they walk through the door. Almost, best of all, the house is no more than 15 minutes drive from Faro international airport – well served, all year round by multiple airlines!


By the end of our time together, I hope to have created an environment where you can embrace yourself, find confidence in your physical and mental strength, and most importantly take with you a memorable experience that will truly stand out above all others! You can make this retreat anything you need it to be – simply jump into the unknown with an open heart!

***Please note you must have proof of fully comprehensive travel insurance to attend the retreat. See Terms & Conditions below.

Any further questions please don’t hesitate to email me at

Please be carefully read all policies as outlined here

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