Teacher’s Reset & Reboot Retreat

Teacher’s Reset & Reboot

5-12 JUNE 2020

After successfully running retreats internationally and at home in Ireland for over three years now, I have been lucky enough to be inspired by the hundreds of beautiful yogis who have joined me. In recognising the diverse and unique talents of each attendee I have, for a while now, considered the idea of catering each retreat to suit the individual’s needs. As a teacher I know how hard it can be to strike the balance between your own practice and teaching others. I think it is a shame that on the market there seems to be so many retreats that only go so deep, with a commercial need to be accessible for everyone. I really feel that WE as teachers need retreats too, of course we do, no not a teacher training, a RETREAT! A teacher training has some kind of end goal, a retreat is just a space for you to make space for yourself again. A magnificently, refreshing, inspiring, uplifting, fire igniting retreat. I hope that by the end of the retreat you are so full with love for yourself you feel excited to share it again!

Welcome to “Reset & Reboot for Teachers” – This retreat is for you if you are wanting to dive into your inner voice, boost your confidence and feel refreshed and inspired to teach! Among the challenging and fun sequencing I will offer daily, we will also be taking time to share our individual journeys as a way to remind ourselves that we all experience the same anxieties and insecurities as both teachers and students. Joining this retreat will mean that we as individuals will enter and be accepted into a close knit community of supportive colleagues and friends. During the week there will not only be an emphasis on YOUR uniqueness as a teacher, but how being a part of a common journey with others can support, strengthen and amplify your daily endeavours as a teacher. Furthermore, the retreat will offer segments around yoga business and making a living, all while having the time to totally retreat and chill out. Teacher trainings are amazing but sometimes they are so full on, we leave feeling like we need a holiday to get over it. I want this to be perfect balance of going deep, learning a lot but also having plenty of time to sunbathe, have fun, chill and explore! And that is why I am passionate about bringing this retreat to life – together, let’s deepen and magnify the joyous life that is available to us as yoga teachers.

I’m so excited to be inviting you guys to my favourite Island in the whole world. This exact spot is a home away from home for me. The Cretan village Paleochora, is sacred and has a beautiful unique energy and the island has pure magic to offer. Most of my previous attendees have either returned on numerous retreats of mine, or been so in love they have gone solo, sharing it with family members! I will be able to recommend places to visit and things to do for those of you who want to explore beaches, mountains, swimming, hiking – there is lots to do.

€1155 (EARLY BIRD) // €1395 (FULL) includes:

7 nights accommodation based on two/three sharing
Breakfast and lunch each day
Hiking excursion
All yoga and meditation
Business of Yoga Workshop
Find your voice ‘Vision Quest’
1 Workshop intensive
Transfers to and from airport*

All you need to do is book your flights!

Requirements to join the retreat

You have completed at least 200 hours of yoga training


You are seriously considering beginning one and have been practising regularly for a considerable amount of time. You want to deepen your practise and be a part of a supportive yoga community.

*Transfers to and from airport are only included if you are on the recommended flights or are available for pick up at the specified arrival times.

What is not included :

Evening meal
Extra activities
Travel insurance
Teachers certificate
Flights to Crete


Find Your Vision. Find Your Voice.

Crete, especially the West of the island, is a walker’s paradise. It has the unique combination of beautiful seas and high mountains. During our week together we will take advantage of this surrounding nature and share a meditative hiking experience. We will complete the day within 24 hours of silence and fasting, after which (led by Molly) we will together reflect on our individual practice through meditation. To enhance this unique chance at immersing ourselves in nature there will be an option to sleep on the beach beneath the stars. This Vision Quest is an opportunity to encounter experiences and practices that cultivate a profound connection with Nature and, ultimately, Source Awareness, which in our busy lives and routines can be impossible to connect with. This day will be an epic journey of self discovery and from Nature’s wisdom will assist you in finding your true voice, your unique voice the world is waiting to embrace.


My Teaching Style

Well, here I am! I have been practising yoga for nearly 10 years and over five years ago I took the leap leaving home for the east coast of Mexico, to complete my 200-hour YTT. Since then I have been exploring the kind of teacher I am passionate about being and what exactly I intend to share with those I am lucky enough to connect with. I am certified as a Vinyasa, Yin and Hatha yoga instructor and recently undertook the most intense month long training, under the awe inspiring Dylan Werner. In completing my 300 hour training Dylan demonstrated the kind of service I dream of sharing with each of you, where he transformed both my practice, teaching and self belief. I now am on a journey toward becoming the teacher I feel I was destined to become and just cannot wait to share my knowledge with you all.

Molly McKeever Yoga - crete-f3

Aris Hotel

Aris, unlike other hotels, is called an “art hotel” for good reason. In the outside and inside spaces of the hotel, there is an open gallery of excellent handmade art items, made by the artists of the family. Apart from the art items, the architecture of the hotel – for both the building and the lush gardens – compliments the art profile of aris hotel. Every year many of our beloved guests say how stunned they are by our magnificent hotel gardens.


  • What is the food offered?The food is traditional Cretan food mostly. Breakfast is a gorgeous buffet style breakfast which offers fresh local food such as greek yoghurt, fruits, nuts, cereals, eggs, breads, spreads, cheese etc. Our lunch everyday is served in a new restaurant and we cater to all dietary requirements – meat eaters, vegetarians, vegan, gluten free, allergies etc. Dinner is not included.
  • Can you have a room to yourself?Yes this is of course an option at an extra charge. But even though it can be arranged at no inconvenience, I always encourage people to share. From previous retreats the people who share (which is 80% of attendees) mingle way better with the group and nearly always leaves with a true friend!
  • What are the amenities like in the hotel?The hotel is a beautiful family run business. Rooms are cleaned daily. Free bike rental provided. 24 hour reception.
  • Do you have to attend all the classes?Everything on the retreat is optional. Yoga twice a day combined with hiking can be exhausting. This retreat is meant to be a relaxing and re-energising break for you so you are always welcome to skip classes when you feel you need a rest.
  • Do I need to bring a yoga mat?Yes we do not provide mats on the retreat. We have yoga props such as blocks and straps but you will have to bring your own mat.
  • Must I be an experienced hiker?Yes and no! The hike is never advanced but it is a full day of walking therefore I would advise if you don’t enjoy walking you take that day to chill and get a massage! You will need to bring hiking boots to protect your ankles on unstable surfaces.

By day seven, I hope to have created an environment where you can embrace yourself and feel comfortable. You can make this retreat anything you need it to be – simply jump into the unknown with an open heart!

***Please note you must have proof of fully comprehensive travel insurance to attend the retreat. See Terms & Conditions below.

Any further questions please don’t hesitate to email me at info@mollymckeever.com.

Please be carefully read all policies as outlined here

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